General Information

1. The deadline for abstract submission is March 13, 2009.
2. Abstracts may only be submitted on-line. Detailed instructions for on-line submission are available on our website.
3. Abstracts that are faxed, sent by air-mail or e-mail will not be accepted.
4. All presentations will be subject to extensive review by a panel of experts from the scientific committee.
5. A list of accepted abstracts will be published by e-mail March 10, 2009.
6. Only abstracts of authors who have completed the congress registration process by February 27, 2009 will be scheduled for presentation and included in the abstract book.
7. Registered authors will only be allowed to present a maximum of 2 papers each.
8. If an author has had more than 2 submissions accepted, presentation of the excess submissions will require participation by the coauthors.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

1. Only original contributions will be considered for presentation.
2. Pending approval, selected papers will be presented in the oral or poster sessions.
3. Abstracts should contain no more than 300 words.
4. Do not use abbreviations.
5. Abstracts should be checked carefully for spelling and grammatical errors. Accepted abstracts will not be subject to further proofing, and will appear in the abstract book as submitted.
6. Please indicate whether you want your abstract to be presented as an oral or poster presentation.
7. Abstracts for oral presentations and posters (excluding case reports) should be structured to include the following: Background, Aim, Material and Method, Results and Conclusion.
8. Abstracts for case reports will only be considered for the poster presentation sessions.
9. Please note that the number of sessions for oral presentations is limited, and it may not be possible to accommodate all such requests. The scientific committee reserves the right to change oral presentations into poster presentations.

Video Presentations

1. Details regarding video presentations, including timing and location, will be provided on our website by March 10, 2009, as well as in the congress booklet.
2. Each presenter will be allowed 8minutes for the actual presentation and a further 2 minutes for discussion.
3. Presenters are kindly requested to submit their presentations in the Microsoft Office® Powerpoint® (.ppt) format to the "Speakers room" at least a day in advance from their scheduled date.

Poster Presentations

1. Poster sizes should not exceed 70 cm. wide and 90 cm. height.
2. Poster number will be assigned to each abstract which will be announced to the first author along with the day of presentation.
3. Presenters are responsible for setting and removing the posters.