Dear Colleagues,

Dazzling improvements in technology and recently robotic surgery's extensive application area in gynecology have drawn more attention to endoscopy. The Gynecological Endoscopy Congress organized firstly in 2004 and secondly in 2007 by the Turkish Society of Gynecologic Endoscopy will be carried out in Cesme, Izmir on 7-11 April, 2009 for the third time.

Despite being a new association, TSGE with its over 700 members is considered to be the common working association by reputable endoscopy associations in the USA and Europe (ESGE, AAGL) and aims to gather gynecologists engaged in endoscopic surgery in our country together and to spread endoscopic applications all around Turkey.  

Endoscopic surgery is now a field that gynecologists has to be interested in. Gynecologists who are specialized in either "general gynecology" or "reproductive endocrinology and infertility" or "oncology" or "urogynecology" have become more keen on and have begun to apply endoscopic surgery more often.   

In our congress to be carried out in Cesme, Izmir, the pearl of Aegean, the latest improvements in Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy will be told by Turkish and foreign speakers who are all experienced in their fields to you, our esteemed colleagues, and the participants will have the chance to see useful techniques in clinical practices through live surgical applications. Moreover, our colleagues will get the opportunity to improve themselves, keep updated and do practice in a more interactive environment through the courses to be conducted before the congress. Besides these, there is another course planned for nurses who are indispensable in endoscopy teams.

As in the motto in our advertisement, 'Nothing is as it seems!' We invite you to the 3rd congress of TSGE to share knowledge, experiences and future with respect and kind regards.

       Onur BILGIN, M.D., Professor                                        Fatih SENDAG, M.D., Assoc. Professor
       Congress President                                                        Congress Secretary